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*jelqing is a technique for increasing penis size whose origin is many hundreds of years old, used by generations of men originally in the Middle Eastern and Eurasian countries.

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How it works

Our Jelq Tools saves you  time (3 or 4 times faster than jelqing with hands) with a system that targets the three chambers of the penis and enhances them individually.

After working the sides, underside, and a using preparation tool, two of the penis devices complete the workout with two kinds of penis stretching tools.

The Cell Multiplier Jelq device is always used first because it readies the cells for transport by loosening up the cells and cell membranes. The other tools transports these cells to the tip of the penis. Depending on the penis tool, the freed cells can come from the sides of the penis, or from the underside. To get a complete workout, you then use  our two Penis Stretchers, one for the suspensory ligaments, the other for the side ligaments.


Below the Sexual Medicine Society presents report confirming Jelqing Tools produce gains from Andrew McCullough, MD, Urologic Institute Lahey Hospital



This video of the Mayo* Clinic study of  Penile Traction Tool in Men:

A Randomized, Controlled Trial : Average gain just under 1 inch!!

Click here for link to Results:

Here is the direct quote from the study: “Based on current data, PTT likely has a potential role as a primary lengthening therapy” (PTT = Penis Traction Therapy) Dr. McCollough states in the video almost 1 inch gain using traction tools like our SuperStretcher.

120 men tested in Mayo * clinic 2018 over 3 months by 4 physicians. Its findings were reported and confirmed by the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, Inc.

*The Mayo clinic is perhaps the most prestigious Medical Research facility in the world.

The British Medical Journal reported similar conclusions:


For the Jelqing tools, not the stretch tools, a partial erection (but never fully erect!) is needed while performing the  penis exercises to open the channels for Cell transport. Penis enlargement  exercise will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis thickness as not all split cells will move upward, but will regrow new ones near their original location.

For the penis stretching, no partial erection is required, and you can use your foot to stretch as seen in the video, or penis weights. The side penis stretch tool is amazingly versatile as both a penis stretching tool and a jelqing tool.

Here’s Our Amazing Jelq Tools:

Step One, Tool #1: The Cell Multiplier Warm-up Tool: Prepares the soft spongy tissue penis cells for transport by the other penis devices. It always is used before any of the other Tools.


jelqing penis device exercises free cells for growth

penis extender tool using weights to hang penis shown




You pull with both hands, and the angled edges on the rods go deep to prepare the cells for transport. You rotate them to reach the side chambers, and and rotate  them back to reach the underside. You do not roll the tool itself, you want to apply pressure between the two rods.

photos penis device for jelq exercise

It’s design allows you to use both hands while its angled grooves, smoothed for comfort,  allow you to apply just the right pressure to get really deep into the all three chambers. It actually feels good to use, you will feel it working the first time you try it.

The picture with the black background is a close up of the angled grooves that reach deep into the penis.  (Go ahead and laugh at our weird underwear! )

The cells are now prepped for the next penis device for transport to the tip, where they will settle, steadily getting you a bigger penis.

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Step Two, Tool #2: The Sides Transporter ™ Side Chamber Penis Tool: This is the only tool made that specifically  dedicated to the side chambers of the Penis. It  moves the cells upwards from these chambers where they can add length to the penis. This is our most popular tool.

It does this when the cells become permanently relocated and also multiply as part of the healing process. All the jelqing tools add girth, as many of the cells will multiply without leaving. We made the ends super long so your fingers can wrap around it.


photo best male enhancement hands excercisebefore and after penis enlargement comparison


The Penis Sides Transporter  is extremely effective  in moving the split cells upward where they can add length. It is designed to isolate the sides of the penis,  not the front or underside of the penis.

It’s ergonomically designed to enable the use of both hands, and is curved to tightly wrap around the penis’ shaft while you pull upward. Its surgical tubing maximizes comfort.

Designed to rest against your stomach, you use both hands to pull (one hand squeezing the long black tips of the tool, the other squeezing the handles) upward. The head of the penis will expand dramatically and you should maintain firm pressure for awhile in this state. It really works great!

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Step Three, Tool #3: The UnderSide Transporter ™ under chamber Penis Device:

penis extender device picturespenis stretching device results from hanging penis


This Jelq Tool specifically isolates the underside chamber of the Penis to move the cells upwards where they can add length. It does this when the cells become permanently relocated and also multiply as part of the healing process. One roller works the underside chamber while the other uses the front of the penis for leverage to apply pressure to the chamber itself.

penis traction tool shown here for longer penis

It’s very easy to use, and is most effective with slow movements that trap the penis cell’s movement between the rollers as they are moved upwards towards the top of the penis. You can feel it working as it moves the lower cells up towards the tip.  You should hold it here for a time while the head mushrooms to its maximum size.
This penis device will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis width to the underside, as not all split cells will move upward, but will regrow new cells near their original location.
The front of the penis does not contain any spongy tissue, so no penis girth or penis thickness gain will be made here. The roller placed on the front is used as leverage to put pressure on the underside.

You now have worked all chambers of the penis with tool #2 AND #3 !!

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Step Four, Tool #4:  The Super Stretcher ™ Penis Stretching Tool:


hands to exercise penis free instructions

This  Penis traction device stretches the Penis’ suspensory ligaments by using a traction penis stretcher in combination your own muscle power.  While lying down you extend your leg with the rope, you have power and control from the best penis traction device on the market.

You will find your own muscle power supplies much  control and leverage and a very powerful penis stretching movement. The Super Penis Stretcher will get you at least an extra inch of penis size or more. In combination with the Jelq tools #1-#3, you should get a total of 2 inches of growth in a reasonably short time.

This device can also used as Penis Weight stretch device, attached to the rope.

It comes with various sizes of foam rubber inserts you  add to accommodate any penis size, penis length or penis width. For comfort, we include a high quality leather strip for additional protection.

– you can buy it for $34.95 (but save around $10.00 total when you buy the 5 tool program kit)   CLICK “SHOP” MENU ITEM AT TOP OF PAGE.

Step Five, Tool #5: The Super Penis Side Stretcher ™ and Jelqing Tool:  NEW PRODUCT! Also a awesome Jelqing Tool!!


free penis enlargement infomation here

This fantastic penis device  stretches the Penis’ ligaments on the side of the penis. Advanced Jelq experts know that you must stretch the side ligaments, but using the hands to do this is nearly impossible.

No one else has made a tool to do this, and it really works for this exercise. Also, is an extremely powerful Jelq device on its own, not only a penis stretcher.

male enhancement jelqing tools comparison image

This penis stretcher alone should give you an inch or more in growth.

Experts in Jelqing know you have to stretch the penis sideways not just downward. You need to stretch the side ligaments that support the penis to stretch the penis completely.

Introducing the world’s first tool to accomplish this, our Side Stretcher allows you to work the penis sideways, across your body. Its long bars rest against your hips and you push outwardly on the bars with your penis stretching with it.

What’s more, not only stretching you get a great Jelq (pushing  of cells and tissues towards the tip of the penis) while you do it!

When pushing straight down, as shown below, it is amazing penis stretch and jelq simultaneously.

penis extender tool shown for stretching and jelqing
This streching Tool is also a fantastic Jelqing Tool

We are proud that we solved this aspect of penis stretching, and it works great.

– you can buy it for $34.95 (but save around $10.00 total when you buy the 5 tool program kit)   CLICK “SHOP “MENU ITEM AT TOP OF PAGE.