Cell Multiplier ™ – Prep or Warm up Tool


Another JETi tool found no where else! 1 of 5 Penis Enlargement Tools the Cell Multiplier ™ loosens the cells and membranes to prepare them to transport to the tip and those that remain replicate for added width to your penis


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For Optimal results, use this tool first to prepare it for the others.


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No underwear required, we are just being modest.

Warm up tool exclusive to JETi, gets everything loosend up for transport towards the tip

Step One: The Corpus Cell-Multiplier Penis Tool

The first step in using your Jelq Tools is to prepare the tissue cells of the penis to be transported out from the chambers they reside in.

There is no other male enhancement tool on the market that prepares the cells for transport.

It’s design allows you to use both hands while its angled grooves, smoothed for comfort, allow you to apply just the right pressure to get really deep into the all three chambers.

It actually feels good to use, you will feel it working the first time you try it. Like manual Jelqing you want a partial erection while performing this exercise to open the channels for transport. The rods literally cause the spongy cells to exit their membrane and join with others. You do not roll it. All chambers can be reached by this Jelq tool. The cells are now prepped for the next penis tool device for transport to the tip, where they will settle, steadily getting you a bigger penis.

This patent pending jelq device will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis width, as not all split cells will move, but will regrow extra cells near their original location. Bigger Penis size is assured. Remember, we happily guarantee our products will work.

Detailed instructions are included on the various bigger penis exercises that reach the sides, front and back of your penis.