The UnderSide Transporter moves cells from bottom chamber of Penis to tip


UnderSide Transporter ™ moves cells from bottom chamber of Penis to tip


This awesome tool really gives you leverage from the top side onto the bottom chamber of Penis along its entire length to enable cell movement

of the underside of the penis. The other male enhancement tool just like this on the market that sells for over $100.00! Penis size increase is felt immediately as the head of your Penis expands dramatically as you use this tool.

Not only is Jelq Tools Corpus Cell Underside Transporter an improved version of the number one selling jelq penis enlargement tool, but, in accordance with our Mission Statement (REAL RESULTS FOR LESS TIME AND MONEY), its yours for less than $20.00 when you buy our complete male enhancement tool kit.

It’s very easy to use, and is most effective with slow movements that trap the penis cell’s movement between the rollers as they are moved upwards towards the top of the penis. You can feel it working as it moves the lower cells up towards the tip. Remember, we guarantee you a big increase in penis size, or you will receive a complete refund.

This jelq device will also give you significant gains in penis girth or penis width to the underside, as not all split cells will move upward, but will regrow new cells near their original location.

The front of the penis does not contain any spongy tissue, so no penis girth or penis thickness gain will be made here. The roller placed on the front is used as leverage to put pressure on the underside.