Why do PE ?

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A serious discussion with JETi, you and using Penis Tools for life changing Penis Enlargement

Our Slogan: “Where Miracles Happen” ™  Our Mission: “Real Results for Less Time and Money”

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  •  Guarantee of growth or money back, generous return policy, we will work with you to succeed
  •  A perfect record of satisfaction in terms of effectiveness with zero returns in our 8 year historyBEST PENIS TRACTION AND PENIS STRETCHING DEVICES<
 *jelqing is a technique for increasing penis size whose origin is many hundreds of years old, used by generations of men originally in the Middle Eastern and Eurasian countries.

Unlike the “other” Penis Enlargement companies,  perhaps you have noticed this page is a not filled with fancy graphics or pictures of fake Doctors in lab coats. We provide a  legitimate solution and don’t need gimmicks.

Over the years we have noticed  our customers are intelligent, worldly and street wise.  A  surprising percentage of customers outside the USA who are very knowledgeable but have tried other products that did not work.

Everyone, no matter where from, are not foolish to believe the promises of 99% of the PE (Penis Enlargement) companies out there. But, many waste their money anyway from sheer desperation and hope by some small chance the product might work.

Anyway, because the people we hope to serve – those like you – are comprised mostly of mix of the above, it is important for us to provide you with as many verifiable facts that we have.

I can do this by providing you my own personal journey,  stories of our customer’s and their lovers, and marketing data we have learned and let you decide for yourself what’s authentic.

5 Tools for the price of one tool found elsewhere!

5 Penis Enlargement Tools: fastest Penis Growth with  both Jelqing and Penis stretching

Fighting the Fake Penis Devices  with JETi’s verifiable history and Facts

Any company that does not copy at least one of our tools is just ripping you off.  All of them. If you have been seeing other sites, I don’t blame you for not believing a word I say. However, I can stand on our record of 8 years with a 100% customer satisfaction rating from ebay. Search Jelq Tools in ebay for confirmation or look here:

Ebay Rating greater than 99% since 2009! :


An Unblemished  Track Record Since Day One

I can proudly state we have never had a product (5000 plus kits and countless individual tools) returned in our history that was due to ineffectiveness. We acknowledge we have not heard from everyone, but nevertheless our record is amazing, isn’t it?  One reason for this is we work with our customers, not just sell the product and forget them.

Our advice, we have heard,  is worth as much as the tools. We know just about everything about Penis Enlargement after almost 10 years of experience with customers and ourselves. We are available 6 days a week for email support and phone calls if the latter is required.

My Story and Reasons Why PE is Worth it

As for me, I believe in being the best I can in as many ways as I can, and was not happy with my penis size, though it was slightly above average in size. Some years ago I developed the system that includes  2 Jelqing tools, 2 Penis Stretching tools and a warm-up or prep tool.

Before that, gains did not come easy as I was adding tools through trial and error after doing manual exercises but I finally had the 5 tools you see today. You will know they are effective the very first time you use them, and we have found that everyone loves our tools.

In all, I gained just under 3 inches and though it was not easy, it was more than worth it.  My wife at the time said “It’s like a miracle!” and that morphed to our slogan “Where Miracles Happen” ™

I said it was worth it, and, besides pleasing my wife, here are some reasons why.  As of 2017 I am 50+ years old, now wifeless, in decent shape but only average in looks and height. Pretty darn old,  too.

Please allow me to boast a little but only in order to make a point: In the last 7 years or so I have had relatively long relationships (at least one year each) with 5 (each pretty and a couple smoking hot) women, all in their 20’s and 30’s. My current girlfriend is 25, stunning, and OMG I am truly humbled and somewhat bewildered to have someone like this.

To provide some more verification, here is some actual data from my phone. It also gives you a glimpse of what you can expect some miraculous day from a lover:


Before I started Jelqing, never would I imagine in a million years receiving compliments like this. It is really cool to have something you never thought you would get! Like a dream come true. My only regret is my late start to get big, but, on the other hand, younger people can immediately reap the rewards and mimic me when they get older!

My main point is, though, having a big cock seems to make up for my other shortcomings, so to speak, such as my age. I doubt its the only reason I attract women, I’m reasonably intelligent and funny,  but having a large penis gives women a reason to move to the physical  besides just all the “talk”.   And, Women ALWAYS need a reason!

Maybe Penis Enlargement can compensate for whatever sets you back the same way. Maybe you want to develop a reputation that helps your dating prospects, or you  just want to look better naked or to go from “below average” penis to “normal” size and beyond.  In any event, it is miraculous what happens.

Do you agree women have great social advantage over us men? Our culture allows them to present their sexuality more openly by what they wear, the various “tools” (such as make up ) to make themselves more attractive, and all the plastic surgeries. We men have learned to deal with this, as it is beyond our control. Or, is it? :

We men are more limited, but, we can fight back, so to speak, with Penis Enlargement. The difference between fake boobs/faces and PE is that PE is real and the product of exercise in, I suppose,  the most manly way in existence.  So its REAL. Women are great, awesome creatures, but, as far as I can tell, they don’t have a Penis as a weapon to make things equal!

I often see women acting snotty and unapproachable, you know what I mean?  I sometimes think they wouldn’t act that way if they knew more about me. I get a little smirk on my face  instead of feeling put down or inadequate. I heave heard self-confidence is something women really find attractive, and I certainly know I can “bring” it. And, I didn’t always have that edge before PE.

More Verification

Our old web site had a forum and lots of customer testimonials, here is a sampling of real input:

[Barret     ] August 7, 2010 12:08 AM  (forum name “Barrett”)

“I have used the tools for three months now and feel very proficient with them. the best ones for me is the side transport tool and the side stretch tool. I think by now I could use some more stretch power, and may add weights to the super stretch tool instead of leg power. I have gained 2 and one half inches but that is HUGE for me since I have (had) a very small penis to start with. I have basically almost doubled my erect size, and one and 1/5 inch to my flaccid state. It has been a long road to get there but worth every effort. Bob and Bill have been fantasitic answering my questions. Thanks for everything!”

Here is our favorite:

 [Horatio      ] September 3, 2014 9:52 PM

My girl and I have been together for 2 years. I bought your tools about 5 months ago, and also bought the side strectcher when that came out. The other night we were lovemaking and twice she had to put her hands on my hip to stop me from going deeper.
This has never happened before, and man it was amazing to see a reaction like that. I have got 2 inches plus in growth and its been worth every minute of exercise. Thanks for a great product!

Our Business Model is Customer Feedback Focused and Seeks to Eradicate Fake Products

Anyway, back to my story. I thought others would be interested in penis enlargement and knew I could save time and help them avoid all the fake “male enhancement” products out there. Meanwhile,  I decided not to BS anyone, it takes time and effort just like any other exercise routine. At least 20 minutes 3 days a week.

But, I found that it is not only 3  to 4 times more effective in terms of time saved  BUT also much greater growth than hands only jelqing is.  To me, if you want a big penis, it  only makes sense to use tools, not hands. I mean, why do 1000 push ups when a bench press only takes 40 reps and with better results? People will recover the cost of the  tools in terms of saved time within a very short period. Right?

I never decided to tell my story until now, and for years I only had so much time to make penis tools with my other obligations. It takes a long time to make a kit. Selling  was exclusively on eBay (where, as mentioned, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating for  8 years running)

After all this time, I was considering whether to close shop or maybe go the opposite way and really try and get the word out.  I thought about what having a bigger penis size has done for my self esteem, reputation and overall happiness for me and my loved ones.

We brought those things to many others, too. The  feedback shows we make a difference in people’s love lives,  so I am doing something vital. However,  its not exactly something I can tell Mom, so its a business that must have a strong upside via helping people like we do.

Speaking of motivation, I also get plenty mad at the stupid pills, pumps, creams, water vacuums, etc. taking advantage of people. There does not seem to be any viable option out there that works other than JETi or Penile surgery, but who wants to take that risk for such a small improvement and huge cost?

So I think without JETi  there would be nothing left but an industry of idiotic products preying upon mankind. So, I am motivated partially to help other guys and their lovers but also to definitely  kill, so to speak,  the competition. Most all penis enlargement products are just a scam, exploiting people’s helplessness or insecurities without benefit  -in addition to taking their money!

Anyway, after considering things,  I decided to build a new shop and automate a lot of the manufacturing and hire some more people. I want to reduce the price and mass market it, but, as I hope you will believe, it is not about making  money. I reduced my profits as much as possible, because it my mission in life is to make a difference for others. Why not?

Penis Enlargement  will do much More for You than Make You Bigger

Besides making sex so much better (with a large penis you can do more positions effectively)  a women’s reaction to you is also a big turn on.  You look better, your partners are so amazed and happy  so it takes intercourse to higher levels. .

However , this is not just about improving your self physically, but  your total well-being as a person.  There are so many things in life you can not control.  Work, relationships, school, family matters, and what you really dream to accomplish etc., are influenced or obstructed by others or by institutions.

Happily,  you can control improving your body and mind. The effort you put is what you get out, or not, as any of you know that exercise or  improve your intellect or spiritual development. Our Penis tools enable you to take control -fast- and make a dramatic improvement in your life.

Importantly, once found, this confidence will make other insecurities you may have to be gone or minimized.

If we played a role in getting you there, that is the best part of this business. Your success is also mine on a personal level, so as my mission continues, I want us to bring Jelqing Tools to the mainstream.  There are so many of us that desire to improve, that would someday make their own miracle happen.


Random Notes: Maintain a routine that you can manage. You do not have to devote hours to PE in order to succeed.  If you feel like you’re losing motivation, then reduce your time. What is important is stay on the program even if it’s just 20 minutes a day.

Decide that PE is no different than your gym time or anything your devoted to and you’re in it for the the duration. If you find a level of consistency from a routine that you can maintain, you will get there.

You can go three of four days straight with jelqing tools, and take a day or two off. Or go every other day with stretching tools in between. Then take a couple days off. You need time to heal. On the other hand, you can stretch every day without over training. All the various routines are covered in our manuals and free jelqing book.