Super Stretcher ™- Penis Stretching with or without weights adds length beyond Jelqing


Super Stretcher ™- Penis Stretching with or without weights adds length beyond Jelqing



You will add great length and width with Jelqing tools (tools 1-3)  but will also get as much or more through penis stretching devices (tools 4 and 5).  Doing both types of tools, then, can double the results. JETi wants you to have the best of all possible solutions, and we have for you the tools to do it.

Now, instead of moving cells, our penis stretching devices get you a bigger penis. They don’t add penis girth but we’ve seen 3/4 inch to 2 inch gains in making a bigger penis.

The Super Penis Stretcher will get you at least an extra inch of penis size or more. Your genetics will be a big factor here, as flexibility of ligaments varies greatly from person to person.

We are proud of its design, and we have a patent pending. It has multiple coats of thick rubber applied wet but  drys to a thick but pliable comfort enclosure. It comes with various sizes of foam rubber inserts you  add to accommodate any penis size, penis length or penis width.

For comfort, we include high quality leather strip for additional protection.

Attach the included rope and, while laying down, loop an end of it around one or both of your feet to get a very powerful penis stretching movement. We find you have much more control and can manage the power of the stretch this way.

However, this stretcher can also used as Penis Weight device, attached to the rope, but you will find your own muscle power supplies much more control and leverage. Try it and see what your preference is.

Penis size increase is guaranteed by JETI for this and all our products.

The number one selling penis stretching jelq device on the market is the “Penis Extender”. It sells for over $200 !!

But, in accordance with our Mission Statement, (more results for less price), our Super Penis Stretcher is much more effective, and it’s yours for around $20.00 when you buy the kit.