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Questions concerning Jelqing exercises and Penis Stretching,  penis water pumps, pills and  other penis enlargement methods

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1. Does Jelqing really work, and are Jelqing Tools even more effective?  

You have every reason to be skeptical, considering the amount of fake products that do nothing that are on the market.
However, Jelqing is an ancient method of proven penis exercise routines designed specifically for the purpose of penis enlargement. Our tools magnify Jelqing movements by 10 fold getting better results much faster (to add variety to our Tool Kit, we offer free penis exercise book with instructions for  manual Jelqing)

So, does jelqing work? After all the centuries of jelqing across countless generations and civilizations, the answer is obviously: Yes!

2. Is there any scientific evidence that your can get a bigger penis via Jelqing?

You can google a study of penis enlargement by Dr. Brian Richards for the British Journal of Sexual Medicine. He found that jelqing helped almost 90 percent of patients increase the size of their penises. Even though the penis gains ranged in size, the study proved that the size of the penis will increase.

Even with proof of effectiveness, the reason Jelqing is not more popular is the lengthy TIME it takes to get results.

The above study’s subjects did manual jelqing from 8 months to one year, 30 minutes a day. That’s why our Jelq Tools were developed, to eliminate many months or even years of tedious penis exercise.

And, more importantly, the tools reach tissue cells that your hands could not, so you will gain more with our Penis Tools no matter how long you exercise with manual with Jelqing methods.

3. Where are these Cells, and how do they get moved?


A –  The posterior (underside) of the Penis’ corpora cavernosa- We call this the “Underside Chamber” Use our “Underside Transporter ™” for this area

B- The lateral (sides) of the Penis’ corpus spongiosum .  We call this the “Side Chamber”.  Use our “Side Transporter ™” for this area

C- A close up of view of the spongy cells that can be split and moved up membrane channels for regrowth (multiplication of cells)

Because the penis has very little muscle tissue, jelqing or penis exercise with tools of these penis cells has nothing to do with muscle building.

In short, the only proven method for fast (non surgical )permanent increase in bigger penis size is penis exercises -augmented by tools -that result in Cell Multiplication, Cell Relocation, Cell Stabilization (once moved), and Cell Regrowth.

4. How does Jelq Tools stack up against its competitors?

More Competitor Info:


*for the first month, maximum of 3 bigger penis inches or more will vary by individual

** penis size stretch type jelq devices add one and one inch and half at most

*** only temporary  gains – if at all!


Roller Tool – Our “Underside Transporter” is very close to a penis enlargement product sold by a jelq device company for $99.00! It has rollers that move up the penis, like two rolling pins.
In our product, the Underside Cell Transporter does not roll, as rolling does not isolate the cells at the base of the penis so they can be moved upwards. Rolling only moves blood, giving a temporary growth at best.
Our entire kit male enhancement is yours for less price than just this single tool, and free jelqing instructions.  Go to jelq to see this other product.
Penis Stretching Tools and Penis Weights- All penis stretching devices -except Jelq tools -are limited by mechanical power, with screws  or weights.  The Super Penis Stretcher uses your leg muscles, and this gives you more control and power than any other jelq device. Our Super Side Stretcher (tool 5) has no competitor- its a completely new and revolutionary product only available from Jelq Tools.

5 Tools for the price of one tool found elsewhere!

The leading penis stretching tool (and does not have sufficient power to even work) sells at a few sites for $199.00 to $249.00!! Again you get our entire tool kit for less than half of this!

Male Enhancement Sites– the leading seller  hands-only Jelqing site ( markets its DVD’s for $79.95.

Penis Health’s material is decent, and they claimed penis size  growth in penis width and penis length-but it took almost one year in most cases. Who has the time or patience to wait so long for results?

By now you know that with  Jelq Tools, included is free penis enlargement information, five tools at a great price, with bigger penis size.

5. Penis creams or Penis pills: An easier way to achieve a bigger penis?

“Male enhancement” pills or creams won’t do anything except increase your libido/sex drive. When you review the ingredients of any of these products, they all have herbs known to increase your sex drive, hence make you “larger” when you become aroused.

You get “larger” because you get an erection! This is how they avoid a charge of false advertising.

Except for expensive and risky surgery, Jelqing exercises are the only way to achieve  larger penis. We include free penis enlargement Jelq instructions, but Jelq tools are the only way to maximize Jelqing, and to keep your growth from “stalling” because of all the different exercises you can perform, and the deeper tissue that can be reached.

6. Does it matter which penis enlargement tool I use first?

Absolutely! The Cell Multiplier tool is always first because it readies the cells for transport by stressing the cells, much like weight lifters stresses muscle cells. They will then be moved upwards by the next tools, where they will heal themselves into larger cells and multiply into new ones, making you a bigger penis.

7. How much time will it take each day? How long will it take to get significant penis growth?

If you are new to Jelqing, we suggest that you keep your penis enlargement sessions on each tool to five minutes or less. As you become more familiar with the tools, increase the time by a few minutes each day.

We guarantee a 1 inch or more giving you a bigger penis the first month to six weeks if you follow the instructions. Generally, this first inch happens the fastest. How much more you gain is up to you and your own genetics.

After three months, your penis enlargment should have between 1.5 and 2  inches larger penis and about half again as thicker penis from when you started. That will be a happy day for you and your loved ones! And its two to four times faster than manual Jelqing.

Our experience shows that it will take some dedication and effort to gain 3 inches or more in penis length and proportionally more penis girth, but it is attainable.  The Super Penis Stretcher tool is new but our tests show at least an inch in gain. So, the first three tools easily add a guaranteed FAST inch, and the Super Penis Stretcher gives you an inch more of penis enlargment. How much more of a bigger penis than this is up to you, and it is very likely that you may increase these numbers.We even provide free jelq instructions so you can add variety to your workout.

8. Should I still use manual Jelqing with my hands?

Like the answer above, variety of exercises is the key. Your hands are a great way to supplement the tools to keep the body from acclimating to the tools.  At the end of a Jelq tools session, you should spend five minutes “polishing” the cell movement with you hands.We will explain how to do this, and we include free penis exercise instructions through manual Jelqing.

9. How often do I need to have session?

Like body builders know, you must not over train, or the spongy cells within the penis do not have any time to heal or multiply  new cells. We can’t over emphasize this enough.

We like the every other day or 3 days straight with two days off. Use the Super Penis Stretcher on the off days. The length of your session depends on your experience level, should not exceed 5 minutes per tool in the beginning per day.

Once you have developed a series of varied exercises, its possible to go 5 days straight with two or three days off in between, but we don’t recommend this until you have become more experienced.

10. How do I explain to my partner how I got bigger penis than before?

That’s a tough one. If you don’t want to admit how you did it, we don’t know how to answer that. But if you come up with a good story, we’d like to hear it, we’ve had the same problem ourselves. By the way, that’s how we came up with our slogan “Where Miracles Happen” because our partners would say what has happened is a miracle.

11. What are the benefits of Jelq Tools?

Besides saving you much time and effort over any other penis enlargment method, the exercise regimen will not only change you physically, but also give you – perhaps most importantlythe psychological edge.  More confidence, more pleasure for you and your partner, no more feelings of inadequacy around women or other men.

According to the AMA (American Medical Association),  the average penis size in North America is around six inches, erect. If you are below this, Jelqing will make you “normal” and more. If you already are or are bigger than average, you know that adding one or two inches in growth makes a huge difference in the way you look and feel to other people.

Though we have not any data on this ourselves, the above study indicated that Jelqing was helpful in preventing premature ejaculation and overcoming  Peyronie’s disease.

12. What are the risks?

As with any exercise regimen, you should always check with a doctor before beginning any new routines. If you have done so, and follow the instructions included, there maybe some temporary redness and swelling. See our medical disclaimer for more information.

13. How is the product packaged, and will my privacy be otherwise assured?

We ship the product in a plain box, the return address is “Richard Newman”, and your credit card bill will also say “Terra Nova”.

Our policy is to never divulge or market your identity to any one, period. Your credit card transaction is SSL certified which means the transmissions are in  a 256 bit iron clad encryption so no one else can view or record it.


The bottom line? You get Five Tools for the price of one tool found elsewhere, free Jelqing instructions, and a system that gets results up to 4 times faster than any other.

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